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Make a Difference by Planning for the Future...

The Heritage Society
Leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of surgeon researchers

What we do for the upcoming generation makes a difference! TSF helps to make sure cardiothoracic surgery will remain wonderful and exciting and of service to patients. My provision for the Heritage Fund, and potentially your contribution, could help to attract candidates to our specialty and to support a budding cardiothoracic surgery career – potentially even one of our own grandchildren. Colleagues and friends, consider looking ahead and being generous to TSF via the Heritage Fund.

John Benfield, MD
Past President, TSF

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society includes individuals and families that have provided for estate gifts to the TSF. The 13 members listed below exemplify extraordinary commitment to the TSF, and belief in the value of the work of the researchers that the TSF supports.

John R. Benfield, MD
Ralph Morton Bolman, III, MD
Eugene Braunwald, MD
Nancy Clark, MD
Vincent R. Conti, MD
David A. Fullerton, MD
Robert W. Jamplis, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Martin F. McKneally
Richard N. Pierson, III, MD
Dr. & Mrs. W. Gerald Rainer
David S. Sheridan
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Wallace
James M. Wilson, MD